Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Play Nice

***Tutorial Place Nice By JackieBeth, written on August 19, 2010***
***add drop shadows and resize/recolor when you see fit***

Items Needed
Paint Shop Pro/version PSPX was used to create this tutorial
Animation Shop
tube/image of choice
Artist Used: Keith Garvey
you MUST purchase the proper license at CDO HERE to use his work
filter Eye Candy 4000/HSB Noise
filter Mura Meister/Copies
filter DSB Flux/Bright Noise
 font of choice/font used in this tutorial: "Macha Cow & P22 Corinthia"

open a blank transparent canvas size 550 by 250

copy and paste tube of choice
place tube to left of canvas

duplicate tube
select bottom tube
apply filter Mura Meister/Copies: default wall paper rotate

effects/distortion effects/wind
from left strength 100
repeat right
effects/edge effects/enhance more
apply filter dsb flux/bright noise mix number 15

effects/art media effects/brush strokes
softness 1
bristles 265
width 6
opacity 0
length 15
density 26
angle 311
color black

now choose an item you wish illuminate
with your freehand lasso tool draw around the image (does have to be perfect)
add a new raster layer
move below tube layer
flood fill with color of choice
i used yellow for the pumpkin
selections/select none

adjust/blur/radial blur
blur type zoom
blur strength 100
center h & v will depend where your item is you want to illuminate
now delete any excess, if you have any below a hand holding something etc
lower opacity to 36
duplicate four times
select top light
apply filter Eye Candy 4000/HSB noise (EC 5000 textured noise doesn't work with this effect)

hue variation 0
saturation variation 0
brightness variation 45
opacity variation 0
lump width 16.38
lump height 42
pattern smooth lumps

change random seed for each different layer

copy and paste with each different light layer to animation shop
change frame properties to each frame to 20

apply all proper credits
add names/phrases as you wish

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