Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Color Wonder

***Tutorial Color Wonder By JackieBeth***
***add drop shadows and resize/recolor as needed***

Items Needed
Paint Shop Pro/version PSPX was used to create this tutorial
Animation Shop
tube/image of choice
Artist Used: Keith Garvey
you MUST purchase the proper license at CDO HERE to use his work 
filter Mura Meister/Copies
font of choice

open a blank transparent canvas size 550 by 250  

copy and paste tube of choice to canvas
open your foreground color palette
select gradient
select edit
choose new and name it "color wonder"
select the first little node
using your dropper tool select a color from your tube
now click a little further down and it will give you a new node
choose another color from your tube with the dropper tool
choose above 5 - 9 different colors

click the little x
then click yes so it will save

choose the rectangular style
angle 0
repeat 5

flood fill canvas with this gradient

add a new raster layer
zoom in very close and with your brush tool set at square, size 2 draw a boarder around the canvas
8 pixels away from the original boarder

draw a 2 pixel line a bit less than 1/4 away from the side edge of the canvas on the left

copy and paste tube of choice to canvas
place to right hand side
on the bottom tube apply filter Mura Meister/Copies: default wallpaper rotate settings

move below boarder layer
change blend to hard light

duplicate your original tube
on the top layer image/mirror
move below the boarder
make sure your entire tube fits in the rectangle shape

select your magic wand tool
click inside the rectangle
selections/modify/expand/1 pixel
select the tube
press delete on your keyboard
selections/select none

hide the image that is inside the rectangle shape
hide all layers above it
merge visible
hide the bottom layers image
unhide the layers above the rectangle tube
merge visible
so now you have 3 layers
your background, the tube by itself and the upper part

select just the rectangle tube
take over to animation shop
paste as a new animation
effect/image effect
choose fade to gray

select the second frame with your arrow tool
select the next to last frame holding down shift while you do so
go to the last frame
paste after current animation
then select (while holding shift down) all the frames you just added
animation/reverse frames
run animation to make sure it runs from color to gray, and then gray to color

in PSP copy the bottom layer
paste in animation shop as new image
duplicate same amount of times there is in the animation
select all the animated tube frames
select all the background layers
and paste in first frame
it should now appear in all frames

now in PSP copy and the top frame
paste in animation shop
duplicate to same number of frames as animation
select all frames
and paste into animated set

apply proper credits
add names/phrases as you wish

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