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****Truth by JackieBeth, written on February 12, 2012****
***save as you go along***
***add drop shadows and resize/recolor when you see fit***

Items Needed

Paint Shop Pro/version PSPX was used to create this tutorial
tube/image of choice
Artist I Used: Barbara Jensen  
you MUST purchase a license at her site HERE to use her work
font of choice/font used in this tutorial: "LHF Speedstyle II"
filter Mura Meister/Copies
filter Xero/Porcelain
filter AAA Frames/Foto Frame


open a blank transparent canvas size 550 by 200

copy and paste tube of choice to canvas
apply filter Xero/Porcelain: change blue to 0
place towards right side of canvas

duplicate tube
select the bottom tube layer
apply filter Mura Meister/Copies: Wall Paper
adjust/blur/gaussian blur: 15

effects/texture effects/fur:
blur 12
density 100
length 7
transparency 44

effects/edge effects/enhance

effects/texture effects/mosaic glass:
number of columns 79
number of rows 31
glass curvature 89
edge curvature 28
grout width 3
grout diffusion 8

crop entire canvas to size

add a new raster layer
move between background layer and tube layer
floodfill white

selections/select all/float/defloat/modify/contract 45 pixels
press delete on keyboard
selections/select none
add a slight noise

duplicate your tube three times
select three different areas of your tube you want in your frame
selections/select all/float/defloat/modify/contract/2 pixels
press delete on each back tube once you have in place you want it
selections/select none
merge together the three back tube layers

recolor 0,0
change opacity to 50
merge down

select the white frame layer
add drop shadow 9, 9, 44, 7, black

merge canvas visible

apply filter AAA Frames/Foto Frame: width 0, matte 1, opaticy 100

apply all proper credits

add names/phrases as you wish

help? comments? suggestions? questions? email me at

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