Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sweet Bling

***Sweet Bling By JackieBeth, written on January 9, 2011***
***save as you go along***
***add drop shadows and resize/recolor when you see fit***

Items Needed

Paint Shop Pro/version PSPX was used to create this tutorial
tube/image of choice
Artist I Used: PinUpToons
you MUST purchase a license at CDO HERE to use his work
font of choice/font used in this tutorial: "Mufferaw Rg"
filter Krusty's FX Vol II 1.0/Pattern Generator J (Deco 3)
filter Mura Meister/Copies
filter AAA Frames/Foto Frame


open a blank transparent canvas size 550 by 250

copy and paste tube of choice to canvas
place to preference
crop entire canvas to size

duplicate tube
select bottom tube layer
apply filter Mura Meister/Copies: wallpaper
effects/reflection effects/pattern
horizontal offset 0
vertical offset 0
rotation angle 90
scale factor 0
number of columns 14
number of rows 12
horizontal shift 0
vertical shift 0

apply filter Krusty's FX Vol II 1.0/Pattern Generator J (Deco 3):
modulo A 164
modulo B 153
Red 247
Green 178
Blue 178
(red, blue and green will depend on the color of the background you want)

select  your preset shape tool
set at rectangle
draw a medium width rectangle horizontally across your canvas
convert to raster layer

effects/distortion effects/wave
vertical displacement
amplitude 4
wavelength 33
edge mode transparent

resize by 115

selections/select all/float/defloat/modify/contract/3 pixels
press delete on your keyboard

selections/select none

duplicate your wave
free rotate by 90
place to right side of canvas
move below the horizontal wave

select your horizontal wave
with magic wand tool select inside of horizontal wave
selections/modify/expand/3 pixels
select the vertical wave layer
press delete on keyboard
selections/select none
merge the two wave layers visible

select your main tube layer
move bottom tube layer below the wave layers
apply filter Mura Meister/Copies: wall paper

select your wave layer
click in center of each section of your wave
selections/modify/expand/4 pixels
select the layer you just made with the duplicated tube
press delete on your keyboard
selections/select none
recolor 0, 0

merge canvas visible

apply filter AAA Frames/Foto Frame: width 1, matte 1, opacity 100

apply all proper credits

add names/phrases as you wish

help? comments? suggestions? questions? email me at

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