Friday, June 14, 2013

Snow Kisses

***Snow Kisses By JackieBeth, written on December 11, 2010***
***save as you go along***
***add drop shadows and resize/recolor when you see fit***

Items Needed

Paint Shop Pro/version PSPX was used to create this tutorial
Animation Shop
tube/image of choice
Artist I Used: Keith Garvey
you MUST purchase a license at his store HERE to use his work
Kit Used: Blue Christmas - FTU - Chicas Designz - Download HERE
font of choice/font used in this tutorial: "Almond Script"
snow of choice
filter Xero/Porcelain
filter AAA Frames/Foto Frame


open a blank transparent canvas size 550 by 250

copy and paste tube of choice to canvas
apply filter Xero/Porcelain: change blue to 0
place to left side of canvas

copy and paste paper_12 to canvas
move below tube layer
crop entire canvas to size

copy and paste window_2 to canvas
free rotate to the right 10
place to right side of canvas
make sure window is placed below tube layer

copy and paste swag_4 to canvas
place towards top of window

copy and paste window black night to canvas
place below frame layer
delete any of the night paper that shows outside the window frame

open tree 4
shift + D to duplicate window
close original
copy and paste some ornaments to your tree

merge visible
copy merged
paste to canvas
place to right side of canvas
you can close the tree canvas now

copy and paste candle_1 to canvas
place to preference

crop entire canvas

hide all layers of your canvas
except for your background and window night sky paper layer
merge visible
hide that layer
open the other layers
merge visible

apply filter AAA Frames/Foto Frame: width 2. matte 1, opacity 100
to both layers

now you have two layers
one with the background and sky and the other with the tube, window, ornaments, etc

hide the top layer
copy merged

take over to animation shop
paste as a new animation

open your snow of choice
duplicate your working canvas to meet the number of your snow animation

select all your working canvas layers
copy your snow animation layers
paste into working canvas

go to PSP, unhide the top layer, select it and copy

paste into animation shop as new animation
duplicate to meet frames
select all
paste into working canvas

apply all proper credits

add names/phrases as you wish

help? comments? suggestions? questions? email me at

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