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***Overhead By JackieBeth, written on March 28, 2012***
***save as you go along***
***add drop shadows and resize/recolor when you see fit***

Items Needed

Paint Shop Pro/version PSPX was used to create this tutorial
tube/image of choice
Artist I Used: Amy Matthews 
you MUST purchase a license at CDO HERE to use her work
font of choice/font used in this tutorial: "FreehandTattooOne"
filter Xero/Radiance
filter Xero/Fritillary
filter Eye Candy 4000/HSB Noise
filter AAA Frames/Foto Frame


open a blank transparent canvas size 550 by 250

copy and paste tube of choice to canvas
apply filter Xero/Radiance
strangeness 59
charm 44
truth 60
beauty 213

place towards right side of canvas

using your color dropper tool select a color from your tube
flood fill color on your raster 1

duplicate your tube
select the bottom copy
effects/reflection effects/pattern
(keep in mind the overall effect may look different depending on the size of the tube you use,
if you wish to randomize the effect feel free, until you find a suitable background you like)
horizontal offset 47
vertical offset 98
rotation angle 155
scale factor -71
number of columns 18
number of rows 16
horizontal shift -47
vertical shift -84

add drop shadow 1, 1, 50, 2, black

select the solid background
apply filter Xero/Fritillary:
Granularity 10
Aggression 30
Tesselation 100
Variation 50

apply filter Eye Candy 4000/HSB Noise
hue variation 0
saturation variation 9
brightness variation 40
opacity variation 0
lump width 44.20
lump height 8.32
seamless tile checked
random seed 1
adjust/blur/gaussian blur 3

select the layer that is your patterned layer you made earlier
select the bottom patterned layer
effects/distortion effects/wave
horizontal displacement
amplitude 27
wavelength 48
vertical displacement
amplitude 97
wavelength 1
edge mode repeat

change blend mode to soft light

merge visible

apply filter AAA Frames/Foto Frame: width 0, matte 1, opaticy 100

apply all proper credits

add names/phrases as you wish

help? comments? suggestions? questions? email me at

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